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Phil Hoang & Paul Hy

🎙Conversations about #Tech #Entertainment #Business #Leadership🎙 Phil AKA The Party Guy is based in Melbourne, Australia. Phil works in the Australia & New Zealand Tech Industry. When not partying he loves cycling, Formula 1 Racing & snowboarding. He’s also a silent Lego collector and builder with his two kids. Of late he has become an avid book reader with an aggressive plan to read 52 books in 12 months!🎙 Paul is based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Ask anyone who knows him and they will mention these three letters KFC, he loves fried chicken. Paul works in the New Zealand & Australia Tech Industry. When not doing business he is on the golf course, drinking cask strength whiskies or taking his young son to sushi train restaurants. Paul has a goal to do 100 press-ups every day for 365 days, a goal he hit last year. But one year is not enough!🎙